Norweco Singulair

Residential Wastewater Treatment System

The Singulair system is the state-of-the-art alternative to a troublesome septic tank for domestic wastewater treatment. Employing the extended aeration process, the Singulair plant provides flow equalization, pretreatment, aeration, clarification, tertiary filtration and optional chemical addition within a single precast concrete tank. The only mechanical component is the fractional horsepower aerator, which runs at 1725 RPM and is certified with a 30 minute per hour run time. The patented Bio-Kinetic device is an integral component and assures that all flow through the Singulair system is equalized and completely treated.

Designed for domestic wastewater flows ranging from 500 to 1,500 gallons per day, performance of the Singulair system is certified by NSF International and the Canadian Standards Association. Sold only through local, licensed, factory-trained distributors, the Singulair system is backed by Norweco's fifty year warranty and exchange program. The Singulair system is a trouble-free answer to domestic wastewater disposal and insures a safe, sanitary home environment.

Other Products Sold

Other Products Sold

Bio-gem Liquid Organic Digester

1 Gallon

Eliminates grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment systems. Convenient package size for easy use and storage. Price below reflects four individual one gallon plastic containers per case.

In the state of Illinois it is required for owners of aeration system have three risers. These risers can make your yard look unattractive Christopher Concrete has come up with a way to solve that problem. Cover them with fake rocks. These rocks are light enough to move around, yet they won't blow away. You can get them in a variety of different shapes and colors

Please Contact your service man to get a quote at 618-724-2951.

Christopher Concrete Products wants to help you extend the life and reduce the maintenance cost of your septic and aeration system

Think about most cases when a septic system fails it's not the tank that is failing, it's because the drain field/soil got plugged-up with solids and will no longer allow water to pass through it. Pretty simple isn't it. One of the best ways to prevent solids from plugging the soil is by using filters (gee, that was a tough one). Washing machines are a leading source of the solids that plug drain fields.

A typical family discharges enough lint every year to carpet a living room floor! Lint screens and nylon socks trap less than 5% of these contaminates. These minute particles, because they are so small and light, do not settle in the septic tank, rather they stay in suspension and are flushed out to the drain field where they actually plug-up the pores of the soil bed.

To compound the problem much of our clothing and carpeting is now manufactured with synthetics, polyester, nylon etc... Septic systems do not breakdown plastics! Once these non-organic materials enter the drain field, there is no way to remove them.


This filter has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX news broadcasts around the country. Entire communities, prisons, Laundromats are using this filter and many contractors are automatically including it with every system they install. Some Government Agencies would like to make filtered wash water a code requirement! Why? Because it works! With the cost to replace a septic system running $5,000 to more the FILTROL 160 is cheap insurance to protect your wallet and your property.

Christopher Concrete Products is home to "The Life Saver" Storm Shelter.